Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Treats

My kiddos LOVE Valentine's Day but I am actually not a fan of making out Valentine cards for each of them. (I guess some of us may never grow to like that part!) So, I came across this idea on Pinterest and I had to do it! It was pretty inexpensive and even the hubs thought they were pretty cool. (He's not a total fan of Pinterest so it takes something neat to impress him)  Below is the tag I created for my gifts.

Can you guess what I got them?

Super easy! Went to the store and bought a few packages of the mixed mini cereal boxes, plastic spoons, and ribbon. Attached the tag and VOILA my Valentines are complete. I'm pretty happy at the turn out. I guess we will have to see what my kiddos think of them on Thursday.

What do you do for your kids on Valentine's Day? Let me know so I can store those cute ideas away for next year! :)


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