Saturday, May 4, 2013

Looking Ahead

So this is the time of year we are all anxious for next year right!? This year we are a little more stressed due to incorporating all new curriculums next year…but it’s also very exciting to be working with new materials!

Organizing is how I stay sane.  haha I just wasn’t happy with my word work cart from this year.  It always got messy, and students had to dig through bins to get the word work they were searching for.  Therefore, I arranged my word work bins on my back counter in pull out drawers. Now, it’s so much easier for my kiddos to see what they want to work on.  Also, I don’t have to reorganize my cart every day!
 Ok so I have to tell you a funny story…being a teacher is always full of surprises! My kiddos were so excited to use the new drawers for their word work the next day that they came in.  However, when they went to their first round all I heard was a bunch of loud squeaks! We all looked at the word work bins and started laughing. Apparently if you don’t pull out the drawers just right they exhibit a horrible shrill pitched sound. Call me crazy but I always keep a WD 40 pen in my supplies drawer and home, so now I have purchased one for school too. It has really come in handy to fix those squeaky drawers!
Did you notice the great polka dot labels!? That’s my theme next year and I downloaded this freebie from Mercedes Hutchens. I have also used them as my daily five reading group labels and math labels check them out. I just love finding awesome freebies on TPT!

I would love to hear what your themes are for next year. Please post what you are planning to do!