Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break Linky

So I am two days into spring break and already I feel like I am behind! When I saw this bucket list linky it gave me inspiration to try something new. See my list below:

1. Try to relax and not worry about things!  This is a hard one for me but I am trying my best...
2. Get a new kitchen table.
3. Shop for some good bargains!
4. Spring CLEAN
5. Work on new packs for our TPT store.
6. Check out new blogs and get ideas for next year.
7. Organize my hubby's closet. (I just don't understand how he can stand it not color coded haha)
8. Have lunch with my mom and mother-in-law.
9. Splurge and try a new restaurant with my hubby.
10. Take my niece and nephew to play indoor mini golf.

I hope you all have a wonderful and RELAXING spring break!!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Linky Party

I stumbled across this wonderful little blog today and just had to join this linky party!

So are you ready?! Here are three things about me...which 2 are the truth and which is a lie?

1. I am absolutely affraid of train tracks. You know how some people get nervous to drive over bridges? I get that way driving over tracks....every.single.time. I'm so nervous that the sensors are broken or I'm not going to hear the train. Kinda crazy, I know.

2. I have only participated in one sport my entire life.....gymnastics. My mom says I was always climbing and flipping over furniture so my parents put me in it when I was 2. I spent the next 18 years doing it!

3. I love orange juice with pulp....lots of it! The hubs knows that he needs to leave the store with the containers labeled 'high plup'. Seriously....so good!

Head on over to join this party and meet some fellow bloggers! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Common Core Math I can Statments

We just began the daunting process of curriculum mapping for the new standards. Don’t get me wrong it’s very exciting to be looking at new ideas but it’s overwhelming at the same time. I was lucky to not only map with my teammates but also with a neighboring district. I wish I could do more collaborating with other districts….it’s neat to hear what others are using/doing to teach their kiddos math.

Mapping led me to create I can statements for math.  Included in the common core statements are:
-34 I can cards labeled with each standard
-Pictures to accompany each statement
-Kid friendly language
Check it out at our TPT store!

Hope you have a great week!  I'd love to hear what great ideas your using for the new common core math!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Currently

Hmm, last blog post: February 11th. That is pretty much how our lives have been for the past few weeks. C-R-AAAAA-Z-Y (can you hear the Rober Munsch voice?)

So it's time to get back to blogging and what better way than to link up for the March edition of 'Currently'.

Seriously, they are going nuts over these bones. No wonder they don't last very long.

March is alway bittersweet for me. I feel like it SHOULD be Spring and that makes me happy (plus Daylight Savings Time begins). However, March in Ohio is still pretty cold, which just makes me frustrated. Sounds crazy, but I would give up my snow days for some warmer weather.

Caught up at school?! This one makes me laugh. I feel like no matter how much I get done or how long I work, I actually keep falling farther behind. Looks like I will just keep treading water until the end of May. (sigh!)

If you know me, I am NOT one to spend money. My back has been hurting for a while. Now, its moving to my neck. Hubs: "Go get a massage." Me: "I'd rather not spend the money". I'm about to start agreeing with him and stalking out the Groupon specials!

And finally: like, love, hate. I am liking junk food right now. Especially since I know I will be getting my massive order of Girl Scout cookies anyday. (I can't buy from one student and not the other 5!)
I'm (always) loving Jesus. The hubs and I have truly been blessed and we can't give enough praises to him.
And finally, I hate judgement. I'm not perfect in this area but I'm working on it.

Head over to Oh Boy 4th Grade to link up and remember the rule of 3.

Thanks for coming back after a long hiatus. Hopefully life might slow down....even just a tad!