Monday, June 25, 2012

Classroom Themes

Thanks for checking out our page, we're excited to finally join the world of blogging! We have used many great ideas and resources from your blogs and have been anxiously awaiting to share our ideas with you as well.

As we continue to plan for the upcoming school year, this will be the first year that we will tackle the task of creating a classroom theme- one will be using a pirate theme and the other, a safari theme. The hardest part? We find this to be very overwhelming. The best part? We have decided to swap themes with each other the following year so we can re-use everything we have created along the way. With that being said, here is a sneak peak at our 'Pirate-Themed Back-to-School Pack'. In this pack you will find

- a classroom contract with accompanying rules
- a classroom scavenger hunt
- a getting to know you activity
- a character buildng activity (using food, mmm!)
- 2 math review games
- a world builder

Since this is our first unit, you can grab it for *FREE* by visiting our TpT Store

Come back soon for a peak at our 'Safari-Themed Back-to-School Pack' and more giveaways!