Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Currently

Hmm, last blog post: February 11th. That is pretty much how our lives have been for the past few weeks. C-R-AAAAA-Z-Y (can you hear the Rober Munsch voice?)

So it's time to get back to blogging and what better way than to link up for the March edition of 'Currently'.

Seriously, they are going nuts over these bones. No wonder they don't last very long.

March is alway bittersweet for me. I feel like it SHOULD be Spring and that makes me happy (plus Daylight Savings Time begins). However, March in Ohio is still pretty cold, which just makes me frustrated. Sounds crazy, but I would give up my snow days for some warmer weather.

Caught up at school?! This one makes me laugh. I feel like no matter how much I get done or how long I work, I actually keep falling farther behind. Looks like I will just keep treading water until the end of May. (sigh!)

If you know me, I am NOT one to spend money. My back has been hurting for a while. Now, its moving to my neck. Hubs: "Go get a massage." Me: "I'd rather not spend the money". I'm about to start agreeing with him and stalking out the Groupon specials!

And finally: like, love, hate. I am liking junk food right now. Especially since I know I will be getting my massive order of Girl Scout cookies anyday. (I can't buy from one student and not the other 5!)
I'm (always) loving Jesus. The hubs and I have truly been blessed and we can't give enough praises to him.
And finally, I hate judgement. I'm not perfect in this area but I'm working on it.

Head over to Oh Boy 4th Grade to link up and remember the rule of 3.

Thanks for coming back after a long hiatus. Hopefully life might slow down....even just a tad!


Stephanie @ 3rd Grade Thoughts said...

Lol, I am from Ohio and completely remember the dreary days- they certainly don't help with the craziness this time of the year! Go get yourself a massage, girl, you have EARNED IT :) :) :)

3rd Grade Thoughts

Shannon Piles said...

I hear ya on wanting to be caught up...I never feel caught up.

Elizabeth said...

How fun that you two get to team teach...I would love to be able to do that eventually! I found you girls through the linky party...cute blog! I love all the pink :)
Kickin' it in Kindergarten

Miss Trayers said...

If it makes you feel any better-it's still pretty cold here down South as well! :) I like the judgment word choice-I hate that as well and try to not be too guilty of it myself.


I {Heart} Recess said...

I am hoping to see spring too! My hubby and I were just having a discussion about judgement is difficult not to do, especially in today's world.


Cindy said...

I so hear you on the massage!! I've been thinking the same thing. The good news is, Groupon always seems to have them. The bad news is, I'm still too cheap to commit. I've been very weird about committing to online purchases lately.... (but I'm a different story because I need to save up money right now. Whomps!)

Teach With All the Colors of the Wind

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