Friday, January 25, 2013

Informational Writing

Did your jaw drop like mine when you read the common core writing standards!?  I mean I always set aside a time during the day for writer’s workshop….but now I have to restructure it a bit to meet each piece of the writing standards.  As I was researching on how to effectively meet these writing standards I came across a second grade site from Georgia.  This teacher did a nice job of showing a variety of informational writing pieces and if they meet the expectations.  It was pretty mind blowing to see what second graders are expected to write.  You can take a peek for yourself below:

Ok, so are worried yet!?  Haha I was too, but then realized we already are writing similar to this but I just need to model informational pieces a little more frequent.  This led me to create a writing pack solely on informational writing.  I thought the best way to focus more heavily on informational writing was to integrate it with science and social studies.  Therefore, this writing pack focuses on second grade science and social studies standards. 

Included in this informational writing pack are: 5 posters breaking down each step, 2 revising and editing posters, a list of read aloud books for mini lessons, several graphic organizers to arrange information, two writing reports along with differentiated rubrics, a memory game for topic sentence practice, a list for grades 1-3 of the writing standards this pack covers, and more!  Head on over to our TPT store to take a look.      
                                              Happy Friday! =)


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