Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 and Janurary Currently

We are looking forward to exciting things in 2013. 2012 was pretty crazy for the two of us, both personally and professionally. On top of it, this past summer we decided to start up this little blog of ours and sell some items on TpT. We even got a few crazy people to follow our ramblings! It was nice to get our feet wet without stressing over what we had to get done or rather what we didn't get done.
This year however, we are ready to make TwoTackyTeachers into something bigger and better. We hope to blog more frequently, continue to create items for our kiddos, take more pictures of the happenings in our classrooms and connect with all of you fellow (and fabulous!) bloggers out there. 

So, to start the new year off right, we are linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for this month's edition of Currently.

I am absolutely in love with that quote I found. It makes me realize how many little things I take for granted each day. I am *truly* blessed.
Today is Wednesday...I have not gone into school and finished cleaning up the distaster I left there on the last day before break. I do not have lesson plans, copies made or my newsletter ready. I keep telling myself I WILL be ready on Monday!
I have to admit- I was hesitant to read The Hunger Games series. It really did not sound like something I would like reading even though everyone raves about the books. Now, I'm hooked! I made the hubs go and rent the first movie as soon as I finished the first book. So far, I can't put down the second book either!
Finally.....FAITH. I know I can speak for both of us when we say we want to have more faith in 2013. Faith in oursleves, faith in finding the good in everything and faith that His plan for each of our lives is far better than any plans we think we have for our lives.

Here's to wishing you all a fabulous 2013!  


Liz Pledger said...

Wow! I love that quote you found! So motivating and so important to remember! Thanks for that uplifting message! :)

Enjoy the rest of your break. Happy New Year!

Karen said...

I totally understand how we overwhelm ourselves with what we feel we have to get done! Your thoughts made me stop and focus on what is important. Like you, I'm not ready for Monday, but I will! Thanks for the encouragement.

Miss Trayers said...

That's my new favorite quote as well! I didn't think I'd like the Hunger Games either, but once you start-you have to find out what happens! I'm not anywhere close to ready for Monday either (and you can see I'm really working hard on that right now :).


Mary P. said...

I should have gone to school, too, but I was determined not to!
Have a great back to school!

Pitner's Potpourri

Emmy de Greslan said...

Isn't the Hunger Games a bizarre phenomenon. Such a scary, almost messed up idea. But it is addictive! I'm glad you had the same reaction.

Good luck organising those files ladies.

Daydreams with Miss D

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