Monday, August 6, 2012

Pinterest Finds

As with everyone else, we have been working like crazy to get our rooms ready for the new school year. We are waiting on one last order to come in so we can put the finishing touches on our rooms. Until we are 'picture ready' we thought we would share some cute ideas to use in your room this year....Pinterest inspired, of course!

This is just plain smart

I will admit, I RARELY use paint in my classroom. (Rarely, as in maybe once a year?) But, after I came across this brilliant idea, I though "I may be able to break out the paint TWICE this year!" This is such an easy way to minimize spills and splatters. And, hey, since they are plastic cups, you could easily rinse and re-use as needed!


This year is the first year that our school will be holding an Open House before the start of the school year. I am excited that I will get to see many of my new kiddos before they walk through the door on the first day and I want to make sure their first impression of the classroom is a good one. How fun are those balloons?! I am thinking I will need to stop at the Dollar Store and pick up some red, black and white balloons to match my theme this year, tie them to the back of each chair and VOILA instant excitement! I'm even thinking of having the kiddos who do show up take their balloon home with them. Then I can see who was able to stop by and who wasn't (becuase let's face it, after the craziness of Open House it can be challenging to recall if you got a chance to speak with everyone). It also means less clean up for me. Cute? Yes. Able to be kept up on the first day of school? Not likely.

Finally, my favorite one of all.....
They have to leave it on their desk for when they come back...This will help with those kiddos who just 'forget' to wash their hands!

Genius! My why-didn't-I-think-of-that moment! When a student leaves the room, they put the hand sanitizer on their desk. When they return, they need to use it before the put it back on the counter. This is perfect for those kids who just, ya know, *forget* to wash their hands before coming back to class!

Three simple and inexpensive additions we hope to add to our classrooms this year, thank you Pinterest! Be on the lookout for pictures of our classrooms coming SOON!


Ashley Nicole said...

Your restroom passes are a great idea!

Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

Lisa R. said...

I saw that hand sanitizer idea too & love it!! You can easily track who's in the bathroom with that idea. Love it! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Miss Trayers said...

Yeah, I don't know why I didn't think of that either with the bathroom passes-that's a great idea. We paint all the time-I love the idea of using those Starbucks cups-every year I have to replace my "official" plastic ones because they never get really clean. Thank you for sharing those ideas!


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