Friday, August 24, 2012

Going on a “safari” to see more classroom photos!

I’m soooo excited so share my classroom photos with all of you! This is my first year having a “theme.” I always switched things up, but this year I had a ton of fun creating safari/jungle items. I am kind of crazy about that inspired me to have my kiddos take a safari adventure.  Below you will see the closest I could get to a whole classroom view.

This is my small group table.  I am a HUGE advocate for small groups.   I believe all kiddos CAN be successful at their individual level.  You will see my “FACE of a Safari Guide” board.  I love the lights outlining the board.  Also, My mother-in-law made the cool palm tree!
The “Grrreat Behavior” board is where students earn a piece of their lollipop for doing outstanding work/ being kind to others.  After all four pieces of their lollipop are earned, they get to choose from the “lollipop tree” on my desk! It’s amazing how little dumdums can be such an incentive. ;)

Our “Writing Hut” reinforces skills used during writer’s workshop.  Students can refer to this board after individual writing conferences as well.  Next to this board is our “Daily Five” choice board.  I just love the monkeys for each student’s name!  To the right of this board is our “Wild for Math” resources board.  Students use this often to look up strategies learned throughout the year.

 My carpet area is also titled our “Reading Hut.” Many of our mini lessons take place right here.  It is enclosed with crates my awesome dad made me a few years ago.  My “bench buddies” for the week get to sit on the crates. They are chosen for making good choices throughout the week……yet another incentive that works so well to get kiddos motivated!

I absolutely LOVE my behavior “ladder” this year!!  We call it a ladder since the goal is to reach the top.  The names are what crack me up.  They are arranged in this order: “Mischievous monkey,” “Troubled tiger,” “Poor parrot,” “Happy hippo” (everyone starts out here each day), “Great gorilla,” “Stupendous Snake.”

I’m ending my tour with a pic of my “Hunting for Helpers board.”  I have to share with you that my students were absolutely fantastic with already remembering their “jobs” this week.  I’m so excited for this year as I hope all of you are!

Check back early next week to see our geography pack and grab a freebie!  We hope all of you have a RELAXING weekend!  We know we will get some much needed zzzz’s to start out our first FULL week of school on Monday!  J


Jenn Long said...

Your room looks great! I love the grass around your reading table...such a fun touch!

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Miss Trayers said...

It looks really cool! You can tell you spent a lot of time on it. :)


Nicole Allison said...

Hello! When I heard you started blogging, I knew I had to follow! As your newest follower, I love your classroom themes-you have the cutest ideas! Feel free to check out my blog as well :)

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