Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Classroom Photos (Galore) Party!

Well the first day has come and gone, just like that! I have the most fabulous group of kiddos this year but geez, am I exhausted!.

We are linking up with the Classroom Photos (Galore) Party!

Here are a few photos of my pirate-inspired space:

This HUGE treasure chest is sitting outside of my doorway. Our VBS theme this year was 'diving deep' and this was graciously given to me when it was over.

When you walk into the room, my carpet area is the first thing you see. This is a new rug and chair this year (my fabulous aunt let me do a little shopping in her basement....can you tell she decorates homes?!) Math games and brainstorming pages for writing will soon fill the counter.

Behind my meeting rug, is the small group table where our interventionist meets with her groups during math and reading. The red pocket chart is where students will make their Daily 5 choices each morning.

Continuing along the back wall of my room are my computers and word walls. I have two word walls that my kids use on a daily basis. The word wall system is another post in and of itself, but that will be coming shortly!

This is my small group meeting area. Behind me is our "FACE of a pirate board".

This is the area behind my desk. My classroom job board is to the far left, and my social studies/science wall is to the far right- just waiting to be filled with terms from our geography unit! The 'Shiver Me Timbers' board is an incentive board. Each student has a "treasure chest" (library card pocket). If they are cuaght doing something good, they get to add a plastic coin to their chest. 4 coins by the end of the week = a prize!

On the left, is my writing wall. The top will be utilized for writing goals for my students. The bottom will be used for examples of skills taught during lessons. In the middle is the calendar. On the right is my math wall. Important terms and things to remember are here. Last year my kids used the math wall alot. I love it when they are working on a worksheet or even a test and they have to stand up to see what's posted on the wall. I'm big on teaching them to use their resources! 

This is the closest 'whole-room' shot I could get!
Looking back, I realized I didn't get close enough to see all of the little 'pirate' embelishments on everything but oh-well it has been a crazy past few days!

Head back here soon to see what Val's safari-inspired room looks like. (It's fabulous, you won't want to miss it!)

We hope everyone's school year is off to a great start!


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It looks so great! Love your theme! Come and check my classroom reveal out too!
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