Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Schedule Spotlight Series- Math

I am linking up again with Kelli from Castles and Crayons for the 3rd week in her Schedule Spotlight Series. 

This week I get to ramble, I mean inform you of how I run my math block. Math was one of those blocks of time I became frustrated with because I couldn't find a 'routine' that worked for me or the kiddos. This past year was my first year implementing the Daily 5 structure into my math block and I loved it! I keep hearing that The 2 Sisters are going to come out with a structure for math like the Daily 5, but I was too impatient to wait for it. SO- I took their 'building stamina' concept and put it to work in my math block this year. After just a month of school I honestly wasn't sure which I liked teaching more....math or reading! I will share what I did this past year. I promise, I will try to be short and sweet!

My math block this past year was set up like this:
8:45-9:05- Mini-Lesson
9:05- 9:55- Rounds 1-4
9:55- Clean up & get to specials by 10:00!

MINI-LESSON: I tried to introduce a concept with either a book or Smartboard activity. After that, we would find our workbook page(s) for the day and complete the first few problems together. (Or they would solve and we would check together). I would quickly go over directions for the rest of the page and then it was time to break into our rounds. 

During our 'rounds' the kids would rotate to each station. They went to the same station during the same round each day....after a few weeks of reminding them where they were headed, they could do it on their own.

MEET WITH TEACHER- This time was used for a cumulative review of things we have been working on all year as well as a chance to re-teach or enrich the lesson as needed. Many of the fabulous TpT packs that I have found are utilized during this time. We try to do as much hands-on activities or games as we can during this time, but sometimes paper & pencil is necessary too!

MATH WITH A PARTNER- Each Monday I introduce a new 'game'. Once the kiddos see how to play the game, it goes into our bins of math centers. (Many TpT packs are found at this station too!)

This also takes very little prep time. Once a game is introduced, it stays there until the end of the year. So, we keep adding new choices as the year goes on- no excuse to be bored with any of the games! Each time they head here, they quickly find a partner, agree on a game and get started. They work until it is time to move to the next round.

MATH BY MYSELF- Students work at their seats to complete the workbook page for the day. If they finished before the round was over they worked on math task cards in their journal. I didn't require them to complete a certain amount of task cards each week. They are used more as a supplement activity. So, where  they stopped one day, they picked up the next time they worked on task cards. These are amazing because there is no prep on my part. I get them out the first day of school and they are there until the last! Check them out: Courtesy of Ms. Winston!

COMPUTERS- For a while I was just having my kiddos practice their math facts on various online sites. Then my school bought a license for Moby Math. This website is tailored to each child's need. So when one child logged on they may be reviewing place value, yet another child might be learning multiplication. I loved that their computer time was utilized to their specific needs as a learner!

And that's it! I was *in love* with how my math block ran this year and I can't wait to hit the ground running with it again this coming year!

Be sure to link up so I can get some ideas about how math block is run in your classroom!


Mrs. Lindsey said...

Great way to do math! I love my math station time!

Lovin’ Kindergarten

Teaching Little Miracles said...

This looks great! Thanks for sharing! I think I'm going to add in a time with teacher to my groups this year.

Teaching Little Miracles

randy said...

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Kelli Bollman said...

Love your take on Daily Five math! :)
Thank you so much for linking up, ladies!

Kelli :)
Castles and Crayons

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