Friday, June 28, 2013


How often do you use rubrics in your classroom? After attending many common core training's this year, one of the biggest things that we took away is the importance of a rubric. Students need to understand what is expected of them as well as how they can earn the grade for their work. I'm not just talking about a rubric for writing samples. We went to a math training in which the presenter made a strong case for rubrics in the math setting as well. I already know this is going to be something I really need to focus on this year with my kiddos: how to read a rubric, how to understand one, and how to use one to 'check' their work and make sure everything is done as it needs to be. 

SO- I remember coming across some rubric poems a few years ago. I went on a search for those poems and I made them into posters for my classroom. I plan to post these around my room as a quick reference. These by no means are the actual rubrics I will be using to grade their work. But I thought if they could remember the poem for each number, it might help them to gain an understanding of the meaning of each number. 

If you're interested, you can click on the picture below to download them for *FREE*.

What are your thoughts on using rubrics in your classroom? We would love to hear any insight that you have!
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