Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yikes! How is it the end of April already?! I'm not complaining by any means how quickly the end of our school year seems to be going, but I mean my last post was written at the beginning of this month! But don't take it personally- I just can't seem to keep my head above water at school or at home either.

C'est la vie!

 Anyways, last week our 3rd-5th grade students had their OAA tests. This year our school tried something new and each grade level K-2 "adopted" a classroom in grades 3-5. The thought was to provide some encouragement to those kiddos taking the test while promoting the need to 'Do Your Best' at the same time. I know my second graders had fun doing this and they liked the idea that they would be the getting these same acts of kindness next year.

First, we used the Operation-Ego- Booster pack to create letters to each student in the classroom we adopted. This pack is *full* of ideas to use. On the first morning of testsing, our grade-level lined the hallways to 'cheer' on our kids as the went to breakfast before testing time.

Then, each day that our adopted class had a test, we left them a treat on their desk. We found these adorable Motivational Testing Notes to use.

Such cute and easy ideas to use during state testing week. We take 2nd grade diagnostics in the fall and I am going to use some of these ideas for my own kiddos next year.

I'm off to take advantage of this rainy day and get some things done. Hopefully it won't be 3 weeks until I'm back again :)


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